Welcome to the Para Rider Hoist … Prices start from £2950.00 
For a free demonstration please contact us  

  • Capable of Lifting a 140kg person on to a 17hh horse 

  • Can be Static at your home or RDA yard or mobile attaching to a horsebox / trailer 

  • Easily dismantled fitting flush with the wall or box when not in use

This amazing piece of equipment can be adapted to your existing horse box /trailer or be fitted at your home or yard to offer a safe and comfortable way for riders to mount their horse without the need of lifting or ramps and reduce the lifting risks for volunteers/helpers. 

The hoist structure can be installed in numerous places such as your yard and horsebox, however only one set of body supports and motorised components would be required to interchange quickly between the two. This keeps cost to a minimum and maximises use and versatility.

When not in use, the structure folds away neatly onto the back of the horsebox/trailer or flush to the wall.

The Para Hoist can be assembled in a matter of minutes and allows individuals, clubs and RDA centres  to bring a whole new dimension of mobility to para riders.

Matthew Dalley - RDA Volunteer of the year 2016

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Rider Hoist Demonstrations

We offer free hoist demonstrations across the UK where we can demonstrate the rider hoist in full action from our own fitted horsebox hoist, all we need to show exactly how the hoist works and how easy it is to use is a willing person and horse. 

To book a demonstration please call 07891366473 or email us on admin@horseplayltd.co.uk


With all Rider Hoist installations we include a full demonstration and training session for all volunteers, together with an instruction booklet and telephone support for ongoing queries.