Hot Tub Hoist

The Hot Tub Hoist can be used to hoist disabled bathers and people with reduced mobility into and out of a spa, jacuzzi, hot tub and even a bath. 


The hoist is operated by a sealed battery control box and linear motor which are rated IPX4 which is fully weather proof and will give about 18-25 operations. The battery is fully recharged in 8 hours by the supplied charger. 


The hoist has a mechanical emergency down facility, so that a person can be safely lowered if there is any control failure.

Using the Hot Tub for a short period of time each week could really help your mobility and condition. 



































The hoist can be assembled in minutes and is very easy to operate.

Our hoist is supplied with a Body Support which supports under the arms and under the thighs, its very comfortable and when the user is lowered into the seat of the Hot tub the support releases making it very easy and quick to remove. However we can also supply a spreader bar and sling instead, if this is more suited to ones needs.

Our hot tub hoist is proving to be very effective and easy to use. We can either install the hoist onto a existing structure or vertical beam and we would ensure this meets all safety regulations. 

We can work with your team of people such as builders and hot tub suppliers to ensure installation is done to your specifications and appropriate safety standards. 

The hoist price is £4300.00 this includes; hoist frame, battery control box and linear motor, handset, body and leg supports, but this does not included installation, certification, testing and training.  

Installation example price: £1000.00, depending on location. 

Please contact us today for a free demonstration or quotation.

Once installed we also specialise in safety inspections and maintenance to ensure the hoist is working correctly, we can offer servicing packages with unbeatable prices, please get in touch to discuss.